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San Giovanni food offers typical Salento food of high quality.

Discover the deliciousness of our marinated vegetables and creams.

Among the baked products we have the famous wheat or barley “friselle” of Salento. The “friselline”, bagels and many other delicious products.

Our sauces and pasta are unavoidable for a typical lunch in Salento.

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In all our products there is a bit of Salento.

Good enough to make delicious aperitifs or delicious recipes of Salento’s tradition and many other meal.

Find out how and what to prepare with our products!

Why do we have to choose San Giovanni food

Three simple reasons for eating and working with San Giovanni food:


San Giovanni Food offers products of excellent manufacture, typical of Salento, appreciated all over the world. Good to eat, to recommend to your friends and colleagues.


San Giovanni Food is the brainchild of young southern Italian from Salento, which aim to enhance the territory and export the brand worldwide.


San Giovanni Food is a young and dynamic company, which uses the latest technology in order to reach the largest number of customers to share the landscapes, traditions and tastes of this wonderful land, which is Salento.

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